Constant Feeling Of Being ”overwhelmed” Or “overburdened”

10 Dec, 2020Charlotte Eggens

A lot of people are feeling more and more overburdened at work. We often tackle the growing workload by working longer and longer hours. However, is this the most efficient and effective way?

The answer is simply “no”.

Doing so leads to a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed, or it may even result in a burn-out. According to experts, this feeling makes someone more prone to distractions, and less to agile and flexible thinking. It may even result in effects ranging from an impaired ability to problem solve, forgetfulness, mental slowness, confusion, difficulty concentrating or thinking logically … to a racing mind.

What should you do?

Take a quick step back, examine how you are going about your work, and find a new approach.

Read here more on our overburdened at work strategies to tackle this perpetual feeling of being “overburdened”.

Any questions on how to train employees who are overburdened at work?

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