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Engage your employees with Power Skills

The 5 biggest reasons talent leave mostly, if not all, revolve around engagement. Are your employees happy with the leadership? Their opportunities for growth and development? Or have they checked out?

Join John Sagrelius and Dalya Samara as they talk about keeping your employees engaged and increasing your retention with Power Skills.

Thursday, 16th June – 14:00 AM CET

Duration: 45 mins
Location: Zoom
Language: Swedish

Engage your employees with Power Skills

About the webinar

When your employees are happy and connected to the company culture and goals, productivity will go up. High retention really pays off when looking at an increase in investments and growth. But how do you keep your talent engaged and motivated?

The 5 biggest reasons your employees will leave the organization all revolve around a lack of engagement, whether this is because of leadership or career opportunities. To get to the root of this you need Power Skills. With the future-proof Power Skills of Taking Ownership, Intentional Learning and Empowering Leadership you invest in the causes for disengagement, on all levels.

During this webinar you will hear about:

  • Why and how Power Skills will set up the foundation for employee engagement
  • An L&D strategy for retention and growth
  • Best practices for employee retention: a case study

“Start the retention process when the person is still open to staying and not after they’ve told you they are leaving.”Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn

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