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How do we measure progress?

An engaging L&D program is also enjoyable, but it’s not something you do only for fun. You need to see changes and experience impact. Lepaya collects data before, during and after our training sessions and modules, so you can see how your team is progressing.


Who’s signing up?
We track engagement to find the sweet spot between skills and relevance for your team, ensuring a training experience that keeps them interested.


What did everyone think?
By tracking feedback throughout the learning process, we provide you with valuable insights that you can share with stakeholders. After all, success is worth talking about.


What changed?
Training should change behavior for the better. We follow the journeys of our learners to see if they can apply what they’ve learned so you can strategize for your team and organization.

Hassle-free reporting

As an L&D specialist, you want a sophisticated learning program that’s also simple to do and measure. Our detailed reporting makes it easy to track progress, see behavioral change and chart the impact your organization experiences.

The impact of your learning program


Learning outcomes

Of professionals are super positive


Participant satisfaction

Our trainings are relevant


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Our trainers know what they’re doing

The impact made at Bynder

Despite all the different needs, together with Lepaya we have created a L&D offer that is essential to every layer of the organization and is also widely supported. Ruben Vermaak, Head of L&D at Bynder

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