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10 Dec, 2020lepaya peter

You can’t think of anything without there being a training course for it. From working with Excel to mindfulness and from sales techniques to quality management. There are also plenty of providers: training agencies, universities, individual coaches and all kinds of online databases. With such an enormous offer it is inevitable that everyone chooses the training that works best for his or her professional development: exactly what you need in a form that fits with how you want to learn. Right?

But nothing could be further from the truth. Far too many people don’t get exactly what they need. We see this especially among millennials. Research by Deloitte shows that no less than 72 percent of this group considers learning new skills the most important thing in their work. Yet employers that find nine in 10 young employees are not well enough prepared for their jobs, particularly where soft skills are concerned. There are two reasons for this remarkable statistic.

First, millennials typically do not know that their soft skills leave much to be desired. Universities where they actually pay attention to them and once on the job, only 28 percent of training budgets go to developing skills like presenting and communicating. Soft skills are becoming a blind spot. This not only affects starters but also (novice) managers who, for example, do not know enough about how to manage their teams optimally.

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The second cause is the stress of choice that comes from the gigantic selection. When everything is possible, it is difficult to determine what is best for you. And that while it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. (Almost) everyone needs the same soft skills at the same key moments in his or her career.

That’s why we at Lepaya have developed Power skill training programs for millennials that complement exactly those important moments in a career. Three very concrete programs compiled on the basis of hundreds of training sessions that we have conducted for dozens of companies over the past year and a half:

Base! – for young professionals looking for a flying start and a solid foundation for the future.
Build! – for subject matter professionals who want to increase their organizational impact.
Beyond! – for (starting) executives who want to get the most out of themselves and their teams.

Not only are these programs exactly what millennials need in terms of content, but the learning method also perfectly matches how they learn optimally: digital, available 24/7, intuitive, practical, online where possible and offline where offline really adds value. In this way, Lepaya helps millennials to develop the skills that really help them to progress with a method that has an immediate impact.

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