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10 Dec, 2020lepaya peter

Without content, you don’t have the best resume. But how exactly you write that content and make it look is at least as important. Or maybe even more important. There are countless lists on the Internet with tips on what you should and shouldn’t do. Useful to prevent you from completely missing the mark. Yet these tips mainly lead to a not bad CV, and rarely to something brilliant. There is one tip that is structurally missing: soft skills belong on a fantastic CV.

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Catch attention!

You can stand out much more on the layout and how you write down the information than on what exactly is in it. In addition, you can find plenty of examples of resumes online (examples of resumes).

Employers are placing more and more value on soft skills. In fact, research shows that soft skills are now more important than technical skills. This is only logical, as new technologies mean that professions change at lightning speed. Whether your in-depth knowledge of SEO and your extensive Excel experience will not benefit you in 20 years or more is highly doubtful, but communicating with customers and colleagues will not be the order of the day in almost every profession in 20 years or more. See also our blog Tomorrow’s Success Depends on Soft Skills)

Employers are therefore mainly looking for qualities that will remain important, even if the work changes dramatically. Qualities such as analytical ability, teamwork, creativity and leadership. They want to see these in a CV. If they’re not there, it could be a reason to put your CV on the ‘no’ pile.

Write it down

So write it down. But that is easier said than done. Softskills can quickly become a meaningless list of buzz words. Three tips to prevent this:

  1. Decide which 3 to 5 soft skills are most important for the job and fit well with you. Use all the information you can get (job description, website, publications, interviews with employees, etc.).
  2. Write in as simple words as possible and avoid clich├ęs. So don’t write ‘a real bridge builder’, ‘a team player pur sang’ or ‘a warm people person’.
  3. Substantiate your soft skills. This can be done with training programs, for example, by including them in your work experience of internships.

Does that really work? It really works. For example, this CV by Zarina was voted the best CV in the Netherlands last year. What stands out? Indeed: softskills. Will you have the best CV of the Netherlands in 2019?

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