The State of Skills Solving the Talent Retention Puzzle in 2023

In 2023 businesses that thrive will solve the Talent Retention puzzle to attract, engage & retain resilient talent that carries their organization forward.

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Hitting Business Goals in 2023

Talent retention is THE priority for businesses in 2023. In fact, it has developed into a puzzle. A fifth of the global workforce changed jobs in 2022 and 20% of the UK workforce is likely to leave their job by mid-2023, hitting companies’ revenue & growth with severe consequences. 

We set out to investigate this puzzle and we’ve broken it down into 4 pieces. Tying each piece together, we guide you through the adjustments businesses can make to their recruitment & retention strategies in 2023. With this report, we help organizations to strategically invest their resources into talent and hit their 2023 business goals.

Approach, Navigate & Complete the Talent Retention Puzzle 

Global overview 

Let’s take a look at why talent retention is the priority for 2023. We examine the global economic state between 2020-2022 to uncover the changes to workforce trends and the disruption to business’ talent retention. Revealing our internal & external data, we show you why tackling talent acquisition and retention is the starting point to help businesses grow in 2023.

The Growing Power of Candidates 

We’ll start by shifting your focus to hiring. Our interview with 2 Nordic-based firms highlights new workforce trends moving the power balance towards candidates.  With our insights pointing to scarcity of talent with niche skills & changing work modes, we give you our first approach to solve the talent retention puzzle. We explain how businesses can adapt their recruitment to The Growing Power of Candidates and then develop their retention strategies with internal mobility and upskilling

Reporting from the International L&D Trenches 

How does upskilling tie into the puzzle? We make the business value of linking recruitment and upskilling clear to you. And with upskilling in mind, we draw on the expertise of six learning experts to reveal two things: learning trends and how organizations can prepare their talent upskilling for 2023. From this, we show you the most effective upskilling approaches, content & modalities to connect your people’s training strategies to business objectives in 2023.

The State of Skills

With the right hiring and upskilling tools, our insights into the current State of Skills inform you which skills to train. We guide you through data from 162 companies that invested a combined 78,551 hours of skill training for 16,542 learners. This data informs businesses of the Top 5 Skills of 2022 and the upcoming skills for 2023. With this information, you can strategically invest in the skills that impact your organization’s teams to grow & succeed in 2023. 

The Pieces of the Puzzle to build Resilient Talent 

Piece 1

Understanding why Organizations are losing Top Talent 

  • Understanding which workforce trends have impacted your talent 
  • Understanding why you must adapt to hit business goals this year

Piece 2

How do businesses start attracting and retaining talent in 2023? 

  • Full analysis of our interview with 2 recruitment experts 
  • Explain the benefits of a data-driven, unbiased hiring process
  • Provide clarity on the link between internal mobility & upskilling

Piece 3

How do we retain talent with upskilling in 2023 according to learning experts? 

  • Full analysis of our interview with upskilling experts 
  • Highlight key upskilling approaches, content design & the most effective learning modality for this year

Piece 4

What does the State of Skills teach us about Upskilling and Talent Retention? 

  • A data analysis of  the most trained industry skills in 2022 & their impact on organizations 
  • Recommend skills to train in 2023 to produce resilient & engaged talent

Shape your Future of Work

The future of work is work in progress but those that focus on implementing the right solutions to hire, upskill and nurture talent will continue as industry leaders even during the most turbulent times. Companies that solve this Talent Retention Puzzle will develop resilient talent and know where and how to place their business resources to optimize their people in 2023.

How is your business adapting hiring and retention strategies in 2023 & beyond?

Download the full report on Solving the 2023 Talent Retention Puzzle to grow your business in 2023.

Featured Companies & Experts 

We asked industry-leading learning experts and recruitment specialists to contribute. They provide the latest insights & analysis to help businesses stabilize and grow in 2023. With their experience in key global markets, they shed light on upskilling, recruitment & retention strategies businesses can adopt in 2023 to become industry leaders. 

Recruitment Specialists


Industry Experts

  • Guy Wallace, Performance Analyst for Enterprise Learning & Instructional Development
  • David Clarke, Global Learning & Development Specialist at IFS 
  • Ross Stevenson, Learning Content Strategist at Filtered 
  • Tom McDowall, Learning & Performance Lead at Evolve Learning Design ltd
  • Gabriella Granholm, Marketing and Communication Director & Margareta Krusell, Head of Talent Management at MEKO