Womens History Month: Caitlin Vorstman

24 Mar, 2022Renske Start

Our Office & People Operations Manager Caitlin Vorstman gives an insight into her career and role

At Lepaya we really want to take the time to appreciate our female colleagues. This month each week, we share a small glimpse into the day-to-day of our colleagues to celebrate their personal and career achievements. We started the month off with an interview with Sara Shehata, talking about her role within the tech team. Last week we spoke to Head of Operations Geraldine Schepers.

This week in the spotlight our Office & People Operations Manager – Caitlin Vorstman:

“My name is Caitlin, Office & People Operations Manager at Lepaya. I have been working here for almost 7 months now.

Before my working career started about 6 years ago, I finished my studies in Hotel Management at Hogeschool Tio. From there on I’ve always worked in Office Management roles. I really enjoyed the people’s side of things, being in touch with all different departments in a company, and supporting them so they can get the most out of themselves in their role.

After graduating from hotel school, I started a study in Social work, and at the same time worked to get my MBTI accreditation. I was really interested in why people do what they do and what the motivation behind their behavior is. After two years I found that social work is not really where I saw myself going, and was very anxious to quit studying – as some people (including me at the time) see that as a failure. I got a great opportunity in my previous company to combine Office Management with HR and grow more and more towards the HR side. After a year my job title changed to reflect my growth towards the HR side. I learned from this, which is what Lepaya is also preaching, to look at the skills a person has and not just the papers. If you really want something, there are more ways than one to get where you want to be.

My parents, who have been a real inspiration to me all my life, taught me this very valuable lesson which I try to live by: If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan. But never change your goal.”

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