Captivate Employee Engagement with Skills Training & Intelligent Surveys 

4 Jan, 2023gregortowers
Connecting Insights to Actions



Innovative Managers facilitate and measure their employee engagement with cutting-edge technology to build loyal and engaged talent. 

People Leaders are making significant steps in how they measure and captivate employee engagement. Over the past decade, talent upskilling and employee engagement monitoring have switched from being optional to an absolute must. 

And with monitoring becoming mandatory, the tech behind engagement surveys and soft skill practice has transformed to match the value we place on our people, from having no upskilling or talent surveys at all to developing intelligent employee engagement surveys and AI soft skill training

But how do businesses connect talent training & intelligent surveys to captivate talent loyalty and increase the sense of belonging?  


Soft Skill Training captures & embeds Employee Belonging 

With remote & hybrid work trending upwards, businesses are scrambling to connect talent with the company culture. However, People Leaders have the power to shape talent engagement with L&D training by embedding a feeling of belonging. 

Talent upskilling signifies to employees that the business is invested in their future careers. Whether training skills for first-time leaders or senior project managers, it doesn’t matter where our people are working, what matters is how we upskill them. 

Therefore, the training infrastructure has to connect talent with your business goals, values, and missions through a custom upskilling journey. That’s why we’re seeing new L&D tech on the market such as personalized AI leadership training and scalable learning solutions. These solutions embed talent in company cultures by providing development opportunities that impact career performance and enable internal mobility to expand career options at the business.  


Employee engagement surveys are evolving with L&D Tech

Today, employee feedback combined with soft skill practice is at the center of modern People’s teams and strategies. This evolution means that the demands for quality data have increased.


Development of employee surveys

Outdated Yearly Employee Surveys & Pulse Surveys 

When the yearly employee surveys became mainstream these surveys were grand, time-consuming, and in the end, so complex, that instead of creating engagement they became the “engagement killer”. Given the velocity of today’s workplaces, the main issue with the survey was not the complexity itself, but the time lag between the survey and its analysis, which made the results less actionable and relevant over the long term. 

The yearly surveys have been replaced by more agile pulse surveys to reduce the admin work and give a more accurate overview of the employee “temperature check”. Digital pulse surveys enabled a modern and data-driven way of working, yielding insights of much higher quality than the yearly surveys. 

Still, standard pulse surveys are problematic. 

By sending out the same questions, standard pulse surveys trigger survey fatigue that reduces participation and above all, valuable insights. Pulse surveys for employees are a step in the right direction, but asking employees the same questions, without a structured way of collecting and acting on the right feedback, fails to impact talent engagement in the business.

This is why forward-thinking technology providers have taken the next step in improving employee engagement surveys.


From Yesterday to Today: intelligent Pulse Surveys powered by AI

Today’s technology allows for an adaptive approach to employee surveys and provides insights People Managers require to impact talent engagement.

Instead of sending out the same questionnaire, People Leaders leverage AI adaptive algorithms, and machine- learning to build a dynamic and intelligent survey sequence. 

Therefore, talent receives questions that track their engagement to uncover the insights that matter. This approach allows the survey platform to identify trends and inform HR managers, allowing them to be proactive in nurturing talent that is engaged with their performance in the business. 

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Connecting Feedback Insights & Talent Upskilling

People Leaders transform their businesses by upskilling their people and connecting training to business goals. 

Forward-thinking Talent Managers provide effective skill training with scalabile AI solutions that take talent on a personalized learning journey. This tech infrastructure ensures soft skill practice is focused on developing the skills that impact performance, business missions and career progression. 

And measuring employee engagement is essential. But it’s only when organizations have the right insights and take action that they see a feeling of belonging, loyalty and performance impact. 

Connecting talent upskilling and intelligent surveys to captivate employee engagement, however, is challenging.

The Eletive platform offers a complete toolbox for supporting communication and a proactive approach at every level of the organization. In this platform, both employees and managers receive in-app advice on how to monitor, nurture and impact the employee experience. 

And in the insights panel, suggested actions provide hands-on support and checklists to continually adjust talent’s experience. The suggested actions are turned into performance-focused goals (connected to the different engagement drivers) and track the relation between actions and outcomes. 

With Eletive, you get access to all the tools you need to measure and increase employee engagement and performance: employee engagement surveys, advice and suggested actions, action plans, one-on-one meetings, 360 surveys, anonymous chat, and much more.