One of the biggest challenges of L&D is measuring the impact of learning programs. In this blog, we will begin to explore this theme further. Care to join us?

Measuring impact of learning programs

Earlier this year, we extensively interviewed L&D specialists about their goals and challenges. To show some of the insights which we gained, we can say that one of the main goals of L&D is to set up learning programs. Not very surprising, but important to confirm. Why? Because this is exactly where one of L & D’s biggest challenges arises: measuring the success and impact of these learning programs and of individual training courses. This is a task which might sound easier than it is!. Where do you start? How does it work? How do other companies do this? Are there any settings that can help?

Flexibility, quality and thinking along

When we ask our L&D partners why they like to work with us, we almost always get the same three answers in return: it is our flexibility, the consistent quality we deliver, and the fact that we are a real partner who thinks along and fights every case with you. In our path, we have chosen to really get to know, connect and help L&D specialists to develop themselves. That’s why we think it’s very exciting to get started with a topic that turns out to be one of your biggest challenges. It is also an extension of who we are and what we do: we help professionals, including L&D specialists, to work in a data-driven way and to become better at working with data. For this reason, proving the impact of our learning pathways is a topic that has occupied us for years.

Strategic impact

How do you measure the “return on investment” of training and learning programs? A question that can be classified under L&D analytics. We would like to answer this question step by step. You have already indicated to us yourself that this is a major challenge, and we believe that this will become an increasingly more important topic in the coming years. Through a proper ROI measurement of training courses and a practical plan of action, you can make strategic impact as an L&D specialist. Already in 2014, Training magazine wrote about the trends in L&D analytics and the benefits of providing insight into the ROI of learning paths. This leads to better programs with more impact, higher funding for L&D, and also more support and involvement of other functions at L&D, for instance, the finance department. It also improves client satisfaction – as, in this case, the client is the person who will rate the training – this ensures that as an L&D specialist you are seen as a strategic and business partner. In short, it gives you, so to speak, a seat at the table.

Achieving our goals together

There are more than enough reasons to zoom in on this topic. And we will not only do this by writing about it, but also by giving practical tips, sharing templates, and publishing interesting interviews. We share the knowledge we already have, but also the knowledge we acquire along the way. 

Our goal? Helping you achieve your goals and meet the desired results on your greatest challenge. Do you know any other L&D managers or colleagues who would like to receive tips, templates and ideas? Someone who would want to work with us on a better impact measurement of their training? Contact us at

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