10 Essential Skills For Every Future Proof Organization

10 Aug, 2021Charlotte Eggens

The world is constantly changing, and the skills that once took you to where you stand now might not work from there onward. It is important to keep on growing, and to never stop finding new ways to learn essential skills and improve your own.

Of course, everyone has in mind the thought of growing in a certain direction, that is part of the ‘’self-actualization’’ needs that all humans have. But, which direction should you follow? What will be the most wanted characteristics, or essential skills, in the upcoming years?

The World Economic Forum, as well as other strong and trusted sources have been kind enough to start working on the answer to this question already.

Thus, here we would like to share with you the top 10 most wanted skills for the upcoming 2025!

These 10 skills are divided in four different categories: Problem solving, self-management, working with people, and technology use & development.

Top 10 essential skills

Work skills list

4 essential skills to conquer for the future

1. Problem solving

This category is the most extensive one, it contains 5 of the most important skills of 2025. The skill of complex problem solving is not something that one is born with, but rather, something that will be developed through exposure to stress and proper organization. Problem solving, thus, requires the use of analytical and critical thinking in order to spot potential malfunctions or improvements. It also requires the initiative, originality, and creativity to promote innovation, as these will be the drivers that can solve an actual problem.

Having the skill of complex problem-solving means being able to solve issues that other people could not solve. Whether that is through pure creativity and thinking of new ideas, or through an extensive statistical analysis to discover the weak points of your organization, problem solving related skills are a must if one desires to be successful in the future.

Take action
1. To ensure your organization becomes better at problem solving, provide them with goals, not instructions.
2. Generate a culture that appreciates new ideas.
3. Create an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety.

2. Self-management

You, and any member of your organization, will inevitably make mistakes. This is why self-management is a category that contains the skill of resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, as these are the skills needed to continue to maintain a positive mind even when ‘things get tough’ and one needs to recover, learn from mistakes, and move on!

The most important part of recovering from a difficult situation is another one of the skills suggested by the World Academic Forum, which is active learning and learning strategies, which comes across as inevitable since the only way to continue to improve in your work is through learning.

Being quick to adapt to new situations and acquire as much information, as fast as possible. This is a need for you, and every member of your organization. This specific skill has a clear mental component to it, as it is necessary to forgive yourself once you make a mistake, as well as it is necessary to stay put when you are under stress, thus being able to think clearly.

With regards to learning, it is necessary to remain positive and believe that mistakes help us improve, and experiences make us grow. One factor that may help with this is to understand the benefits of having a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset.

Take action
1. Make sure the members on your team help each other to achieve more stress tolerance together.
2. Allow everyone to understand that mistakes are part of growth.
3. Find the best learning method to help your team to act better in the future.

3. Working with people

Furthermore, another skill that comes across as a very important one is Leadership and social influence. In order to be successful, you will most likely be involved with stakeholders. Therefore, what other choice is there, than to have social skills!

It is not only about being able to talk to people. The goal is to understand the difference that you could make if you were able to send your message across and make a difference in people’s views.

Take action
1. Make sure your team has the right communication skills to display ideas in an understandable way to your organization.
2. Make sure each member of your organization takes ownership & responsibility of their tasks.
3. Teach your organization how to defend their views!

4. Technology use and development

Last, but not least, the skills of Technology use, monitoring & control as well as Technology design & programming will play a huge role in the future of any industry.

Technology is all among us already for many years, and this is an industry that will only continue to grow at an even faster pace by 2025. Thus, it is very important to focus on having a team that is ‘tech savvy’ and that knows their way around the use of technology.

As mentioned above, it is not only about having programming skills, it is also about understanding the power of technology, its use, and how to control it, as this will allow you to understand how projects take place in a much more efficient way.

These two skills have been selected as part of the top since the IT industry has not shown any stop in growth in the last decade. And even if you are not a programmer, you could have all the hard knowledge in the world about a certain topic, but you will always need to learn the programs that are being used at your company!

Take action
1. Find an aspect of your organization that is not automated or digital and search for possibilities to optimize it.
2. Increase speed in your projects by delegating potential tasks to other tools and programs.

A true need for development

The main takeaway is that we will always need to improve our existing essential skills and search for new ones, but now more than ever, the World Academic Forum announces that ‘reskilling’ will be a need for about 50% of the workforce.

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