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Accelerate through Development:

How to Retain Talent in a Fragmented World?

Join our webinar with Sven Prevoo, L&D Specialist at Lepaya and Charlotte Mosely, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp, as they discuss how to approach employee development and retain your talent in a fragmented world.

Event Date & Location:
Thursday 26th January, 2023
10.00 am – 10.45 am CET

What you’ll learn

Why talent development is more important than ever



How to navigate talent through economic difficulties

How to build a more impactful approach to talent development

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“Disruption is the enemy of continuity. Develop your people, and you will have a solid foundation on which to grow your business." Peter Drucker, Austrian-American management consultant, and author

Why should you join?

Disruption in our business world has become the norm: COVID-19, the Great Resignation, geopolitical tensions & inflation. Now we are dealing with new trends impacting talent retention. ‘Career cushioning’ is the latest to enter our workplace, seeing employees create a ‘Plan B’ ahead of a looming recession and further job cuts.

With instability in the business space, our talent wants a clear development plan and a sustainable career path. To provide this, organizations are realizing they need an L&D strategy that retains talent in the long-term. However, our traditional L&D methods are inconsistent and can do more to support employees to develop in their careers.

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Our Speakers

Sven Prevoo
L&D Consultant & Organizational Psychologist at Lepaya
Charlotte Mosely
Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp