Next-level Power Skills Trainings


Driving Personal Growth

Personal growth is crucial for your employee’s progression in their career. By learning to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses, employees will develop a growth mindset and motivate themselves to improve their skills and achieve their goals.


Achieving Commercial Success

Strategic Communication is the key to commercial success. By giving employees the tools of strategic communication, they will become adept at seeking out opportunities, closing deals and connecting with their customers.


Getting Your Message Across

The ability to communicate concisely and effectively is a vital skill at all organizational levels. By training your employees with this skill, they will learn to use dynamic conversations to influence stakeholders and represent themself and your organization well.


Leading Change

For change to occur, your employees need to lead the change within your organization. Giving your employees the tools to make, implement and communicate their decisions with the necessary stakeholders ensure change is followed through effectively and efficiently.


Analyzing Data 101

Having the necessary skill to analyse data is crucial in today’s data-driven society. By giving your employees the tools to build clear, error free and understandable analysis, you empower them to expand their knowledge and promote your organization’s performance.


Building Resilience

Learning to deal with stress and energy levels effectively makes your employees more resilient and capable of achieving their goals, while staying happy in their role. Help your employees to use stress management to their advantage and watch their performance grow.

Empowerment & Team-Building

Hiring For Success

By helping your organizational leaders to learn to mitigate bias in their hiring, identify competencies for their roles and use these competencies during the interview process, your leaders will bring and keep top talent in your organization.

Empowerment & Team-Building

Enabling Your People to Perform

Learning to structure and prepare conversions with their teams gives leaders in your organization the opportunity to create in-depth conversations and face difficult conversations with them confidently.

Empowerment & Team-Building

Flourishing on Feedback

A culture of feedback is crucial for the successful communication and growth of your organization. Your employees will learn to communicate respectfully and constructively with one another and promote one another's development in doing so.


Presenting With Confidence

Giving your employees the skills to present their ideas confidently both on stage and online ensures they represent themselves and your organization to the best of their ability. Give your employees the tools to communicate their message in a compelling and convincing manner.


Using Your Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is crucial to the growth of your organization. Supporting employees to take initiative and use their creativity inspires them to move forward with innovative ways to perform. With the skill of resourcefulness, watch your employees turn any situation into an opportunity.


Developing Powerful Presentations

A captivating presentation is one of the most effective ways to keep your stakeholders interested in what your organization brings to the table. Give your employees the tools to create an powerful and memorable presentation to deliver their message in an engaging manner.

Empathy & Inclusiveness

Connecting with Empathy

Help your employees to develop meaningful relationships of understanding and unity with the skills of empathic listening. Communicating clearly and persuasively teaches employees to listen and connect with one another, creating an atmosphere of understanding in your organization.

Empathy & Inclusiveness

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

By educating your employees to be diverse and inclusive in their behaviour and roles, you create a work environment that is welcoming and open. To ensure the wellbeing of your employee and for the benefit of your organization, fostering diversity and inclusion is a vital skill to have.

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